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Water Damage on Floor

Water Damage Restoration

If you have flooding or water damage in your home or structure, Water Damage Repair Tech of Austin can help. We have an experienced team of technicians that have handled countless water damage cleanup projects.


We’ll help you determine the best way to move forward by assessing the damage to your property. Call Now for a Free Estimate and Consultation!


Our unmatched quality goes into everything we do, and our services include everything from wastewater incidents, and pipe leaks to extensive flooding throughout any size building, structure, or home.


It's important to remove any standing water to put a stop to further damage, so there’s no time to lose. You can minimize the damage and risk of mold growth by removing the water from the structure as soon as possible.


Don’t wait. It’s imperative to hire a water damage restoration company to take care of the issue swiftly. Taking too long to act can quickly make the situation worse and start to effect more areas with mold growth.

Removing All Standing Water

Moving furniture and other contents away from the affected area helps your home to dry effectively. We carefully move everything to whichever area you designate. Off-site drying chambers are also available for antique rugs and other delicate items. 

Flood water can damage your furniture, causing it to become waterlogged and potentially ruining it. By moving your furniture away from the flooded area, you can help protect it from water damage.

Protecting Your Belongings

We never leave a home until the project area is spotless. Many service companies give our industry a bad rap when it comes to cleaning, but we're turning that around one customer at a time.

Flood water might just look like the same old creek, except in your house, but that water isn’t safe once it’s out of its banks. All sorts of nasty things get picked up by the flooding waters like feces, chemicals, and bacteria. Make sure any areas affected by water are cleaned up well to avoid problems down the road.

Decontaminating The Area Fully

Drying Equipment Is Placed

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers are used to regulate the temperature and draw out moisture from the area. Fans, also commercial-grade, are used for air circulation and to increase the speed of drying.


If necessary, High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) scrubbers are used to filter out airborne contaminants if there's a concern for dust or mold spores. Most Mold Remediation Companies will already own this equipment. 




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