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Our Reviews

"Colby was a life saver!! He came out immediately when my washer drained into my house. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable with the work and filing insurance claims. Would 100% recommend him to others."

-Jayme Via

I am very impressed with their promptness, responsiveness, and how helpful they were. Colby is a fantastic contact to have during an emergency. I recommend him to anyone and I would say this owner is very organized and more businesses should model their customer support after them.

-Nick Watson

"We live in Houston and have a have a lake house in Jonestown, our landscaping company called us and said we had water pouring out the top floor down to the bottom our refrigerator water line had busted!

I called on our way to Austin and they were there and had all the water cleaned up and had already started the drying out process by the time we arrived on our 3 hr drive!

Finished in a very timely manor with the rest of the removal of the floors and Sheetrock so I could get my contractors in to repair everything!

Highly recommend"

-Jim Jones

"Colby and the guys did a wonderful job! They were here in less than an hour and got everything taken care of super quickly. Definitely recommend them!"

-Bonnie Ambers

"I am so glad I found Water Damage Repair Tech and I can’t thank them enough!! Colby and his team came out PROMPTLY and they fixed the water damage from a leak we had from our water heater. It was a mess and thanks to them it was cleaned up throughly and quickly. The service was on point, and I would recommend them 10/10!"

-Christy Vollette

"I was refferred by a neighbor who used Water Damage Repair Tech, They were quick to respond , professional and really took time to sure all the water was gone and proper clean up. I would definitely reccomend them if your looking for a reliable company to do things right. Thank you Colby for your hard work!"

-Holly Rich

"Water Damage Repair Tech did an amazing job taking care of water damage caused by a leaking hot water heater in a rental unit we have. They responded quickly to the emergency and had the water removed and moisture removal equipment in place that day. The tech group did excellent work and we're very pleasant and accommodating to the tenant. Colby did a wonderful job communicating with us and our insurance company throughout the process. We highly recommend their services."

-Nathaniel Bradley

"My water heater in the attic broke and water was coming through my ceiling. Colby responded immediately. He assessed the problem and quickly had guys in here to replace the water heater and fix the water damage."

-Dane Taylor

"We highly recommend Water Damage Repair Tech! Can’t say enough positive things about them. Their promptness, professionalism and knowledge sets them apart from other water restoration companies. They were also very thorough and clean which kept the water damage to a minimum. The service tech was in constant communication with us and kept us informed on what to expect along the way. We truly appreciate their help!"

-Stephanie Lemons

"Colby is great to work with! Highly recommend!"

-Jon Goldenberg

"I’m so pleased to leave this review! One morning we woke to the most unpleasant surprise are water cracked and leaked water all over upstairs carpet. We looked for a water damage company and Colby showed up with his team and saved the day they made the process seamless and had the water cleaned and drying the same day. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of water damage definitely give Colby and his team at a call."

-Jeff Brundige

"They arrived promptly and helped my mother out during her emergency. They were very professional and helpful to my mother. Id more and happy to refer them for water damage"

-Kevin Lentz

"I had a pipe break during the winter freeze and the Water damage repair team was able to come out to my house on the same day to start cleanup. Colby and team helped me through the whole process and made sure all damage was corrected."

-Curtis Hoffman

"I called with an after hours emergency flood. I spoke with Colby, who was super professional! He showed up quickly, found the problem, and got everything cleaned up! Highly recommend using him for any flood/water extraction services. Thanks Colby!! 😃"

-Michelle Munoz

"I had my roof fail a severe rain storm in an office and Colby came out the same day and started the water treatment and mold removal process... He was very professional and helped me out on all fronts of the project, highly recommend!"

-Ian Spain

"I am excited to leave this review because after working with Colby and his company, he has made this unexpected occurrence no body wants to deal with work out smooth and easy. His obvious knowledge and attention to detail that I saw was exceptional. I can not say enough how I highly recommend Water Damage Repair Tech."


-Tanner Maggart

"Colby has always been professional and his work is top notch. I would recommend him if you’re in a tough spot."

-Wayne Williams

"Colby was great! Professional, on time, overall great experience!"


-David Clark




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